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by Wrightbus

NewPower by Wrightbus offers a groundbreaking solution by repowering mid-life diesel buses, making it more affordable to decarbonise and improving air quality in cities. Wrightbus, the first bus manufacturer to launch repowering at scale, introduces NewPower to accelerate the decarbonisation of bus fleets across the UK, ensuring zero carbon emissions on all journeys.

Why NewPower

Repower Mid-Life Diesel Buses To Zero-emission Technology

The growing trend towards environmental consciousness among UK consumers is evident. Increasingly, we are favouring brands that demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability and community well-being. This shift is driving a significant change in the marketplace towards more responsible consumption, as consumers support businesses that align with our values ​ (Mastercard)​​ (TheRoundup)​.

NewPower Bicester

The NewPower Advantage

Less than half the price of a new EV, bus operators can make significant financial savings by repowering a vehicle and taking advantage of a lower cost of ownership.
Accelerating decarbonisation of the bus fleet and achieving decarbonisation targets.
Extended 10 year life expectancy of diesel powered buses.
Qualifies for 22p/km the Bus Service Operators Grant.
Improved air quality in the communities served.
Turn around in 3 weeks.
The first major bus OEM to offer this solution, Wrightbus homologate, MOT and cover the vehicle with OEM warranties.
Option to refurbish the bus: repaint, new upholstery, interior refurbishment.
Diesel powertrain can be refurbished and returned to the depot as backup spare parts for your remaining diesel fleet.
Repowering buses from diesel to electric reduces 70 tons of carbon per bus per annum.

Repower Range

Wrightbus StreetDeck
All diesel and hybrid variants of the StreetDeck are eligible.
Wrightbus New Routemaster
All variants of the New Routemaster are eligible.
Volvo Powered StreetDeck Buses

NewPower Factory

NewPower, a new repower option from Wrightbus, represents a significant advancement in the company’s efforts to accelerate the decarbonisation of bus fleets. Wrightbus, the first bus original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to scale up the repowering of its own buses, has integrated engineering, homologation, testing, warranty, and a comprehensive service support network into this affordable and reliable option. This initiative is set to revolutionise fleet management by providing a seamless transition to zero-emission technology.

The NewPower initiative is supported by the latest zero-emissions technologies designed to reduce operating costs. It is backed by Hydra B companies, which offer extensive support through the transition to a zero-emission fleet. This support includes vehicles, energy services, maintenance, and finance solutions, ensuring that operators have all the necessary resources to make the switch efficiently.

The dedicated repower facility, which opened in June 2024, spans 45,000 square feet and is located in Bicester, UK. This state-of-the-art plant is equipped to handle the complex process of repowering buses, making it a central hub for the production and maintenance of zero-emission buses. The facility underscores Wrightbus’s commitment to sustainable transportation and its leadership in the field of bus repowering technology.

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